How it works

Have a look at tutorials on how to use the SDiD® platform.
Learn about making company lists or how to sort data.

SDiD is an ESG data dashboard for you
to explore and rank ESG data and Circular Economy data

For the general public, investors, asset managers,
small and large companies, analytics providers, researchers and academics.

Our Platform
Our Platform
Make your own queries and explore our ESG data, like:
  • Which companies have lowered 3-yr GHG emissions?
  • How do industry sectors or geographic regions compare?
  • Which company had zero supplier audits?
And many more!

Tools you can try today

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Filter data according to Index, Industry or Country

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SDiD let’s you sort data

Company lists
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Benchmark companies and compile lists!

ESG Targets
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SDiD shows if companies set ESG targets

ESG data
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Normalised data for easier benchmarking.

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Check SDG alignment of company strategies