Data - ESG & Circular Economy

The SDiD platform is our core ESG data solution.
As Circular Economy data experts, we offer company analysis on 50+ data points.

High-quality data are the foundation of insight-driven ESG work.

To identify and take action on ESG opportunities, solid and trustworthy data are required. The extensive ESG datasets that SDiD provides, give businesses the information they need to make better decisions, anticipate risk more confidently, and cut down on tedious work.
ESG data can be used more effectively by investors, including asset managers and institutional investors, to create sustainable portfolios, hedge risks, and improve their corporate governance practices. ESG data can also be used by companies themselves to benchmark and improve their social and environmental performance.

Analytics and Research

  • We have ESG data coverage for 1.100 global companies, spanning headquarters in over 20 countries and listed on major global indices.
  • We offer one of the most comprehensive Circular Economy databases in the industry, covering over 460 companies listed on major stock market indices, across more than 50 different metrics, with a history going back to 2021. Instantly identify companies in producing industry sectors like Consumer Staples, Industrials, Materials, Automotives and Technology that demonstrate an active, positive contribution to sustainable development and performance.

Sustainable Finance

  • Seamlessly integrate ESG data and scores into your investment decisions.
  • Screen and avoid companies not meeting your investment criteria.
  • Full transparency via click through to company ESG profiles.
  • Measure and compare relative and efficiency performance.

Climate Solutions and Sustainable Finance

  • Access to GHG emissions 3-year performance trends (Scope 1&2).
  • Check our Carbon Neutrality Tracker to see if a company is aiming to become 2050 climate neutral.

Circular Economy Solutions and Sustainable Finance

  • The Circular Economy Score® provides an instant status of analyzed companies
  • Enhance risk assessment analysis by integrating Circular Economy readiness of investee companies.
  • Get detail-rich, comprehensive datasets for more insights, like strategic and organizational aspects, as well as key circularity performance data.

All our research is based on publicly available information published by companies. If a company does not publish a data point, we show “No Data” and do not fabricate estimates.

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