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The largest investment revolution of our time revolves on our clients. ESG has both potential and problems due to the distinct combination of market-driven, regulatory, and political concentration on the issue. Our approach to ESG is centered on assisting you in navigating this transformation.

Our approach to ESG data is based primarily on the opinions and perspectives of our experts. Learn how ESG investors may find the finest data for their needs with the help of our open platform architecture and focused data approach.

Data from our research can be used for financial products, starting universes, or performance benchmarks. It can also be used for SFRD compliance purposes.

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with asset managers and index & ETF intermediaries.

Standard ESG Solutions

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Our standard ESG offering includes ready-to-use data solutions for equities and fixed income.

Circular Economy ESG Solutions

Do you want to benefit of the world`s largest set of Circular Economy data?
The evolution of the ESG space captures many different areas of society and our everyday life creating various new investment themes along the way. Our thematic Circular Economy data offering spans a wide range of these themes and is growing as new trends emerge along the way.

Customized ESG Solutions

Want to put your perspective on ESG issues into action ?
Look no further and leverage our team's expertise to create the ESG data you're looking for.

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ESG Data
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3 year performance data and trends for:
  • GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2) [t CO 2e ]
  • Energy use [MWh]
  • Waste [t]
  • Water consumption [m³]
  • Supplier audits [#]
  • Occupational health [various]

Normalised data for easier benchmarking.

Worldwide data
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Check global equities listed on the world's leading indices

AEX (Netherlands), BEL (Belgium), CAC (France)

DAX (Germany), FTSE (UK), Hang Seng (China)

IBEX (Spain), MIB (Italy), Nikkei 225 (Japan)

PSI (Portugal), S&P 500 (USA), SMI (Switzerland)

Straits Times (Singapore), OMX (Finland)

KOSPI (South Korea), MDAX (Germany)