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Do you have special ESG or Circular Economy data needs?

  • Seek the expertise of world-class ESG analysts to understand the expectations and priorities of key capital markets stakeholders
  • ESG benchmarking and gap analysis on demand to optimize your ESG journey and strategy, like:
    • Target setting analysis
    • Circular economy strategy analysis on key areas
    • Scoring systems

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“We've been using SDiD’s benchmarking data to refine our Circular Economy strategy,
and we're delighted with it. It has established itself as a company-wide optimization framework.
For example, we have established a company-wide circularity community.
Our relationship with the SDiD team is great: follow-ups and support always go smoothly!”

Director of a globally operating consumer goods company

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ESG Data
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3 year performance data and trends for:
  • GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2) [t CO 2e ]
  • Energy use [MWh]
  • Waste [t]
  • Water consumption [m³]
  • Supplier audits [#]
  • Occupational health [various]

Normalised data for easier benchmarking.

Worldwide data
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Check global equities listed on the world's leading indices

AEX (Netherlands), BEL (Belgium), CAC (France)

DAX (Germany), FTSE (UK), Hang Seng (China)

IBEX (Spain), MIB (Italy), Nikkei 225 (Japan)

PSI (Portugal), S&P 500 (USA), SMI (Switzerland)

Straits Times (Singapore), OMX (Finland)

KOSPI (South Korea), MDAX (Germany)