ESG Benchmarking

Use the SDiD platform to explore and rank analysis, data and scorings
Compare companies on KPIs, target setting, SDG alignment and more

Why is ESG Benchmarking Important

Just like with any other type of benchmarking, ESG benchmarking allows you to see what is happening across the competitive landscape. It provides context on ESG strategies, targets, and performance and helps decision-making for future ESG strategy. Benchmarking also allows stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, etc.) to assess where ESG performance ranks in the sector. A good benchmarking score could be the difference between hiring an employee, winning contracts, or receiving investments.

The SDiD platform was built with ESG benchmarking benefits in mind,
making performance transparent and comparable.

Evaluate ESG performance of key metrics on the SDiD platform:

  • GHG emissions (absolute and efficiency data)
  • Energy use (absolute and efficiency data)
  • Waste (absolute and efficiency data)
  • Water usage (absolute and efficiency data)
  • Supplier audits
  • Occupational health
  • ESG target setting
  • ESG data transparency
  • Alignment with the SDGs
  • Circular Economy

Receive tailored Information from an ESG analysis expert

Before doing analyses by yourself or hiring an external consultant, SDiD has access to a vast research universe of public and private companies resulting in data-driven assessments. The depth and breadth of our ESG expertise can help you identify ESG strengths and weaknesses, performance gaps, industry trends and much more.

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